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Hello, my name is Marty Lang. I began my photographic journey over forty years ago. Back in my youth I started with a very modest Kodac Instamatic 126 film camera that I received from my parents as a gift. I soon outgrew that and purchased my first 35mm film camera and started to take my hobby a bit more seriously. I started by photographing just about anything that anything that caught my eye. I tried my hand at paid photography, mainly modelling portfolio's and weddings. For a number of years I shot weddings but soon found the fun was leaving what loved to do best. There is a lot of stress that comes with a wedding shoot so I soon decided that I would stick with my one true interest which was nature and landscape photography. To this day I have not tired of it and I will take any opportunity get outdoors and find something of interest. I thank you for stopping by to read this and to look at my photo's and I thank you if you should decide to purchase some of my work.

I am new here and what you are seeing is only the very beginning of my photographs. I have hundreds more that I am anxious to share with you.
Thanks again for dropping by !

Kindest regards, Marty Lang