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Massoud Attarian Shandiz Photography Website is a site dedicated to photography. It's a hobbyist and small business art webpage providing beautiful photographs from nature and around the world.

Artist has been trying to organize its available photographs according to different genres or scenes. For example, Flowers, Landscape, Urban Discovery, Wallpaper, Still Life, Macro, Super Macro, Animals, and Food. He has been also provided his contact information, biography and one page dedicated to his friends who do a similar activity.

From this website you can purchase digital or printed or even mounted photographs. There is an order form available at this website located on Buy page which assists you through your artwork purchase. You can choose the photo paper (e.g. glossy, silk, velvet and metallic), print size, resolution and even postage method. He may also cover your print by a protection film or laminate at your request. The order form is set in a very flexible manner letting the customer add a comment on her / his purchase and contact the artist before being have to do any payment or submitting any vital information.

Massoud Attarianshandiz Photography Address: No 18- Haft-e Tir-e 40 . Postal code: 91781-86584 Mobile: +98 933 606 2464 email: