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Helping photographers see more beauty in the world and experience it differently by Thinking like photographers. By sharing your images, you can help others experience it differently too.

I've been an award winning pro photographer since 1993, shooting for clients ranging from individuals to international corporations who build luxury private jets. I teach at Xposure the international Photography Festival in Sharjah UAE, consult, run workshops, online courses and webinars.

I'm proud to be part of the management team here on ClickASnap. It's an amazing opportunity for photographers to earn something from their work - and gauge how they are evolving as photographers too.

I'm definitely the luckiest guy in the world to be doing what I do.

Check out my courses and workshops at https://www.photographycourses.biz


Picture This (IMAGING) Ltd. Owner / MD: Mike Browne Registered Company Address: Chorus Accounting Cavendish Suite Saxon Centre, 11 Bargates Christchurch BH23 1PZ UK Registered company number: 05724020 VAT number: 202212679