Music Photos

The music is loud enough to be heard from the next city. The fans are screaming as the artist gets closer and closer to the front row. Bone crushing bass is shaking your rib cage.
This is the perfect time for a perfect picture, the perfect picture that you're looking for right now.

Music photography has evolved massively since the invention of the camera. Album covers, articles and magazines captured the essence of an artist and showed the world the other dimensions of the sound they create.

Today, social media accounts and YouTube videos give fans and listeners this detail and depth, allowing them to see more of the personality behind the musician.

With the evolution of the camera and a reduction in manufacturing costs and considering the fact that a lot of music photography is taken with a smartphone, anyone can capture jaw dropping images of their favourite musicians that are worthy of being featured in Rolling Stone Magazine!

This creates a new era for band photography. Stunning pictures that are taken in the middle of a concert, with the lead singer stage diving into hundreds of people, all of which are now available for you to use at your disposal with ClickASnap.

Due to an influx of new photographers, new styles emerge, giving you the edge over your competitors. These images are waiting to be used in a huge spectrum of applications; for use on Instagram and Twitter accounts, in music videos and for articles written about music.

Concert photography doesn?t have to be just for those lucky enough to be in the front row.

Stage pyrotechnics, lasers and lighting can create stunning settings for action packed music photography, which makes the perfect setting for a keen photography enthusiast.

Studio time is another great setting for music photographers, without the noise, hustle and bustle from thousands of fans. Artists are able to create musical perfection in a relaxed and controlled environment.

It's not only the super famous and high-profile celebrities that need photographers to capture the moment, small bands, musicians and singers also need photographers, if anything more than the famous artists!

It is possible, with the right setting, lighting and discerning eye, to create professional looking pictures that give the impression that the artist is hitting the big time, even if they are playing to a handful of people in a small venue. Music videos are becoming an easy way for lesser known groups to get their sound out there, which gives those with an eye for photography opportunities to get some great shots that can be made available to the masses at a fraction of the cost compared to buying the rights.

There aren?t any special skills needed, outside of being creative and passionate about both live music and photography, which means that more people are able to showcase their artistic skills and get their art out there, the more affordable images there are available to use for your project.