News Photos

News photography, or photojournalism as it is called, is a form of journalism that shows images in order to tell a news story. Sometimes these stories can be overwhelmingly sad, but then others are inspirational and positive.

Not only is the process of taking the pictures exhilarating, explaining what is going on exposes the world to the facts with the help of the picture alongside it. After all, we love to look at pictures!

Put simply, photojournalism is about capturing verbs. This doesn't mean simply taking an action photo, or some kind of epic event. Communicating the verb is much more than that. Stories are captured in slices while photojournalism strives to convey what is happening in one shot. This means that content creators all over the world will be explaining the story around the image, giving their own personal and unique take on what is being viewed.

Another important aspect of photojournalism is accuracy and integrity. This means that what is in the frame is what happened. The photojournalist is ethically bound not to change the story, although this may not be ideal, it is still the fact of the matter.

Power lines should not be edited out. More smoke must not be added to a fire scene. What was captured is how it should be. Sadly, the era of digital photography has made it easier than ever to manipulate reality which is a little dishonest when trying to show the world a news story.

Did you know that 80% of photojournalists work alone, and most of them are freelancers. This means that they will inevitably need to work with content writers and editors.

News photography is a potentially dangerous occupation, with more than 90% of photographers reporting that they felt vulnerable to the threat of physical risk or injury at some point during their normal duties. This would instantly discourage any content creator from taking these pictures themselves. Leave that to the professionals! The only thing you have to worry about when looking for news pics is all the sheer number of choices you have!

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