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I really like making photo's and my favorite subjects are clouds, flowers and birds. Sharing the things (photo's) you like is making them even more special, and I hope I can make some people smile when they watch a photo I made :-)

Update ;) I don't own a DSLR camera, but for me the picture is more important than the quality, I try to make good photo's, at least good enough to see what it is ;) I read many comments about this site where people complain about the quality of the photo's here, that made me very insecure, but for me this site is a place to see beautiful photo's, to get ideas and inspiration, to learn from the info that is posted by most of the photo's, and just to share our passion, I am sorry if my photo's are not "good enough" for some people, just skip my page, I am really enjoying this site and I will keep uploading my photo's I want to share :-)