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Photos of rural themes and country life. Plus Venice, because it is unique, and not too "city-like", and there are no cars. Scroll down this page to get the general idea.

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This collection or portfolio is like my life, uncurated; but there is an element of order in the "Albums", and one fine tomorrow ClickASnap will have Galleries!

I seem to like looking at photos of Cityscapes, possibly on account of never getting to see them in real life. Other preferences are abstract, minimalist, humour (not necessarily the standard variety), experimenting, impressionist and suchlike. Normally prefer pastel colours and under-statement rather than aggressive use of Lightroom. However there are always exceptions

I try not to upload duplicates, or similar photos, unless there is something "new", like processing, or an angle or some sort of light change - things that might be stumbled upon when working through old photos.

I am also reluctant to do too much "sharing" on here at the moment. This is because it seems to mess up people's "feeds", which is the first thing I look at when searching out their work. However I do share from here onto Pinterest, and more recently Facebook - which is still a reasonable resource for interaction. Despite its many faults.