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I've always been passionate about photography as an art form, and I've been especially fortunate in meeting someone who has brought me into today's world of photographic enhancement using computer software. We met online, creating art of another form, and discovered that we share the same passion. He, Rick, lives in North Carolina, U.S., and I live in Staffordshire, U.K. Since 2010 we have been showing each other our respective countries, touring around and taking photographs and video. And I was doing the same in Australia in April 2016. My main skill is in composition, having an artist's eye, and Rick's skills with software have taught me how to make the best of my compositions. Of course, both of us are always learning! Some of the photos on my channel are joint work, my photos enhanced by Rick and vice versa, and are included for your pleasure. My hope is that when you view these photos you get some good feelings from at least some of then; this is what I most hope for, because it is my mission in life to help open people's hearts, and I'm sure that photographic art is one way to do this when loving energy is conveyed through the photograph. Thanks for viewing!