Portrait Photos

Portrait photography is capturing the photograph of a person or a group of people and can be one of the most challenging genres of photography.

Portrait photographs capture the personality, character and mood of the subject and they can be considered an artistic representation of someone's character. Portraits should be captured in a way that they tell a story about the subject and create a connection between the viewer and the subject.

Portrait photographs go beyond just photographing the people where the face, especially the eyes are always given more attention in a portrait as they speak the mood and portray the emotions of the person. Posing also plays a major role in creating effective portraits as it contributes to the overall power and story of the image.

With portraits, since you want to have sharp and clean images, there are certain factors that you need to consider to make good portraits. Since lighting and other conditions can vary with each shoot, it is important to know what to do with each specific portrait shoot so that the user of the image (you) has a finished product that is at its best. All of our images have had all of these factors considered and can be found in one easy to use page.

When it comes to professional quality portraiture, a key differentiator between good and great photographs is the ability for the artist to capture and portray emotions in the subject's face. There is a difference between a basic, standard headshot (which, depending on the project you're hired to do, might be more appropriate), versus an emotional, expressive image that tells the viewer more of a story about the subject being captured. Capturing emotion via photography can be incredibly tricky. Many artists struggle to tell stories through portraiture work, since there is only so much you can demonstrate when you?re capturing an image of a person's face, compared to a scenery shot for example, where you have much more freedom to show and tell.

When considering this, it's clear that a simple portrait photo can have huge effects on the viewer, often establishing an emotional connection to the image, and therefore product, service or idea that is being sold around it.

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