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Lassen Park_ entry road (10x8" Photographic Print)

The newly fallen snow created all sorts of snowy figures along the entrance road to the park.

Lassen Park_ entry road (10x8" Photographic Print)

10x8" professional quality colour corrected image printed on Fuji DPII premium digital photographic paper. This paper has superb colour rendition, detail and is thicker than traditional Crystal Archive paper.

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    • Width: (inches) 10
    • Height (inches) 8
    • Weight (g) 12
About the photographer
Melvin Shuster
  • Pro

Growing up with my dad as a professional photographer, I became interested in photography at a very young age. I also had an interest in and some skill at mathematics. So, since it seemed like it would be easier to make a living teaching mathematics than as a photographer, I chose to teach mathematics for a living. Now that I have more time, I have decided to pursue photography as a hobby. I am greatly enjoying it. My interest is in landscape photography and my goal and on-going search is for scenes and therefore photos that create a sense of Awe in the minds of the viewer.

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