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Lake (12x10" Canvas Wrap (2"))

Lake Superior oh how much I miss you!

Lake (12x10" Canvas Wrap (2"))

16x14" image printed on professional quality photographic paper with a canvas effect seal, the print is then flush mounted and wraped over a 12x10" MDF box frame consisting of 7mm board and 2 inch deep (15mm thick) side walls, creating a truelly stunning 2 dimensional product.

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    • Width: (inches)
    • Height (inches)
    • Weight (g) 2000
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Nabz Al.
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All types of photography, from nature, to animals to the night skies to scenery, to close up to underwater, from Art to food, from monuments to the homeless community. Photography has no limits, and that’s exactly what I love about it! Behind every moment captured through a lens is a dedicated photographer.

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