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Santa- Live or Memorex? (2x Acrylic Photo Fridge Magnets)

We went out and cut a Christmas Tree at a local tree farm in our area. Saw this guy and could not resist the picture. Look close he is carved out of wood. Startled me when I saw him out the corner of my eye. Does any one get the Memorex reference. You have to be later on in years to remember the commercial.

Santa- Live or Memorex? (2x Acrylic Photo Fridge Magnets)

We print your image onto high quality photographic paper and mount it in premium quality clear acrylic 1.8x2.8" with non marking magnetic strips (2 Fridge magnets per pack)

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    • Width: (inches)
    • Height (inches)
    • Weight (g) 101
About the photographer
Mike Iles
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Amateur photographer. I have been at it for about 10+ years. I love the digital world as it allows us amateurs the opportunity to get a good shot without going broke on film. I enjoy taking pictures of almost anything but landscapes I would say are my favorite. I would love your thoughts and any opinions that will help me to improve.