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Hello ladies (Download)

Never shot cattle before. Thought I would give it a go. sadly it was mid day, sun right above me and these friendly ladies. But hey, had fun! Could not get into the field with them but they came right to me; an electric wire keeps them from wandering off. I could have ducked underneath, however, I only just met the farmer and these ladies so I respected their land. Perhaps next time. Sweltering hot, I pulled out my oldest camera and D90 (mention that bollocks because I am going along with Mike Browne's "cameras don't take pictures". Also, Jim Graves uses a D90. It is the only cropped camera body I have, and my first, it holds my wide angle lens. I have hammered poor Fernando to death, and yet he keeps on living!
Mike Browne was spot on in his video of a job where he is shooting cattle; they are very friendly, and the wide angle lens was very good indeed. However I went through each camera during this shoot. Almost kissed the lady in front I was so close up with a 10mm focal length:)

Hello ladies (Download)

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photographer from Brooklyn NY. Had to teach myself a lot while living in Santiago and Valparaiso Chile. I like to think of Mike Browne as a good friend of mine. I began shooting mostly street photography. Shot a load of landscape/cityscape. Now trying to improve some creative urban portraiture/model shooting... But the street shooting continues. shutter dragging nut. currently in a monochromatic state. Feel colour blind

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