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The Stari Most Bridge Is Mostar, Bosnias Most Important Landmark (Download)

The Stari Most bridge is the most important landmarks in the city of Mostar. The bridge was destroyed then rebuilt after the war in Bosnia. Each year a competition is held for the best dive off of the bridge. Of all the places I’ve ever travelled, Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina absolutely stole my heart.

It started when I saw photos of Stari Most, the “Old Bridge,” on Pinterest. From that moment on, I knew I just had to go there the next time I was in Europe. So when I planned for my summer vacation in Berlin, I made sure to add Bosnia to my travel agenda.

Visit Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - View of Stari Most in Mostar
The moment when I saw the bridge and the surrounding landscape for the very first time, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I stopped breathing for a moment as I took it all in, as it was far more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

I admit that Mostar took me by surprise. There is so much more to Mostar than the Old Bridge. From hiking through the nearby forested mountains, to taking in holy sites, posing with weird and offbeat statues, walking through medieval towns, swimming under waterfalls, exploring abandoned ruins, and hunting down street art, I couldn’t help but wonder time and time again, why Mostar is not on more peoples’ travel radars.

The Stari Most Bridge Is Mostar, Bosnias Most Important Landmark (Download)

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