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Peacock head profile agains fanning tail background - 6971 (Download)

Peacock head profile against fanning tail background. Download this photo for £1.00

Peacock head profile agains fanning tail background - 6971 (Download)

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I am Marvin "Butch" Reinhart a photographer based in Florida who does nature and urban photography. Late in life I took up photography after seeing how much my wife and son enjoyed it. I found it gave me a true peace of mind to be out finding the beauty in nature. The cameras used most often are Nikon D7100 and Nikon D3200. Also use the Nikon P510, and iPhone 8. The post processing tools used are DxO PhotoLab, DxO Nik Collection, and Affinity Photo. Any digital downloads, free or paid, are for non-commercial use only. I have completed Mike Browne's course "7 Building Blocks of Photography" and can highly recommend that course as well as his "Ultimate Beginner's Course". I feel very strongly that they helped improve my photography. For me, these courses were a good investment.

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