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Portland Head Lighthouse - Portland Maine (Photographic Mouse Mat)

I think this is one of the best sunrise shots I haver ever taken. At least in my top 5-- I have reprocessed this shot and taken out the first version for this one.

Portland Head Lighthouse - Portland Maine (Photographic Mouse Mat)

A high quality photographic print manufactured into a durable wipe clean mouse mat with a non slip backing, which works with all mice.

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    • Width: (inches)
    • Height (inches)
    • Weight (g) 101
About the photographer
Mike Iles
  • Pro

Amateur photographer. I have been at it for about 10+ years. I love the digital world as it allows us amateurs the opportunity to get a good shot without going broke on film. I enjoy taking pictures of almost anything but landscapes I would say are my favorite. I would love your thoughts and any opinions that will help me to improve.