Sea-life Photos

One of the most interesting types of photography is the still life. Any gathering of objects or random assortment of items can become a still life photo. If you're a user of Instagram, you have probably seen countless pictures of people's meals, which is an example of still life photography.

Still life is the translation of 'nature morte' as it started in painting. The literal meaning was ?dead nature? as it often depicted objects from nature but not living ones. Quite often, the subjects included game birds, cut flowers, picked fruits, seashells, caught fish, and the like. At its core, still life art depicts anything that is dead or not moving.

We believe that understanding the symbolic meaning of these objects and using them as part of your visual vocabulary may enrich your photographic writing.

One of the main things to consider in still life photography is the story. A story really is everything. There is the story of the subject and then there is also the story with the props. Why is your main subject or hero there? The surrounding props tell what and why your hero subject is there at all.

When you've decided you want to take a still life photograph, you should then decide which type of still life photograph you would like to create.

There are two types of still life photography, found and created.

Found still life photographs are random collections of objects that are arranged without any outside help, meaning you don't move them to make your picture look the way you want it. As tempting as this is to do, the picture won?t be classed as ?found still photography?

Created still life photographs are photographs of objects that you've arranged to look a certain way. They usually have a theme, such as objects or colours. As long as you rearrange or move things to get the desired picture, then it is considered a created still life. The created still life photos are usually used commercially to promote products and services online, as so much effort is put into the composition of the shot with the aim of getting the perfect picture.

The time that goes into some still life pictures goes into days, if not weeks sometimes. Getting the perfect lighting, arrangement of objects and optimum shot takes a lot of effort. But this effort translates into exceptional quality. We are sure that the high quality still life images we have will be perfect for your needs. Click A Snap has a huge selection of still life photos that are of fantastic quality, lovingly captured by great photographers, ready to use exactly how you need.