Seascape Photos

Seascape Photography is the art of capturing the never-ending battle between land and sea. Our land has been under constant attack by the sea since we started raising our sea levels.
However, we can use these two fantastic elements to our advantage and through the use of shutter speed we can highlight their differences and play with the effect to create a more dramatic image, thus showing the world how this battle is panning out.

The contrast between the solid never moving cliffs or rocks and the swirling and spraying of the wild sea can result in amazing images. By applying the correct techniques, the solid ground can act as an anchor in the image being both sharp and in focus, while the water and clouds.

For something more dramatic, you may want a picture of a sunset to try and convey a message of some kind, rather than a typical postcard shot. When you get it right, a seascape scene should be breath-taking and exciting to look at. It should show the scene, but not look like the kind of shot that anyone could have shot. That usually means, you may have to scout for some unique or unusual vantage points along the coast.

As with all types of photography, light is king and the golden hours around sunset & sunrise are ideal. The soft warm glow at these times of the day is both spectacular and magical. However, the golden hours can also cause a few problems for photographers; it can be hard to capture the entire dynamic range due to the harsh contrast between direct sunlight and shadowed rocks or cliffs.

Seascapes photography can take various forms from your high-speed shutter shots, capturing every single drop of that amazing spray as a wave crashes against a cliff face and freezing it in mid-air, or the other extreme of minute-long exposures creating a surreal milky foggy effect in the water. The use of a half second exposure to blur the waves movement and still keeping the detail in the sea body behind the wave is also one of many other options. These little details and factors all contribute to an outstanding picture which will give the shot its unique qualities.

We value the effort and love that goes into our pictures of seascapes, so ensure that every image we have meets certain quality criteria so that however you choose to use them, they will set you apart from the rest. We have pictures of waves crashing into coastlines, fishing trawlers fighting the intense power of the seascape and birds flying into the horizon over the sea.

These images can be used for museum quality prints that can be used at home, office or workplace, or perhaps you are looking for a screensaver of a beautiful seascape? We have exactly what you are looking for.