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Life can be magical !

Greetings everyone..I hope your well despite these unprecedented times . The beautiful images on click a snap often brings soothing melodies to our eyes I personally so enjoy engaging with some incredibly exquisite images that are on this platform from so many of you ! Thank you for thousands of your absolutely beautiful images ! I am an embryonic totally amateur hopefully developing photographer who takes photos often on impulse in any spare time that I may have . I am pleased to utilise this site to learn from more sophisticated and talented photographers like yourself . My photos may appear to be random...they are perhaps. Thank you for creating time which is precious to look. The images I present are moments that have warmed my heart ! I Absolutely Adore London .Architecture Art Animals ,Nature Travelling ,New Cultures ,Dramatic Scenary ,Soothing Scenary , Ballet sophisticated graffiti, .Not forgetting the Nottinghill Carnival. Dancing too ...can’t show you here really ! Please note as I have had enquires there are just over 140 (not over 600 )images on my profile the settings currently do not readjust if images are deleted .. I am not so good yet at photography .so had to filter out many .Lol! Thank you !
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