Sport Photos

Until recently, the main application of professional sports photography was for editorial purposes; dedicated sports photographers that usually worked for newspapers or sports magazines.

However, since advertising has exploded and can be found almost everywhere online and offline, sports photography has also been used for advertising purposes, both to build a brand and as well as to promote a sport in a way that simply can?t be achieved by editorial means. Images of sports of all kinds are used on countless platforms in all kinds of forms of media.

The Olympics is a great example of how sports photography is so valuable. Viewers all around the world can appreciate the capturing of globally monumental second long snapshots.

These sports pictures can then be used in too many applications to mention. From inspiring public presentations and journalism, to promotional merchandise and clothing.

Having all of these different categories of sports photography enables content creators to businesses all over the world to make the most of those valuable seconds captured in a sports event or early practise session.

You tell the story of the sports event. The best sports photographers are storytellers and it is great to be able to complement their story with your content and use their images to walk viewers through the game day from start to finish. To tell the whole story, you're going to need more than just a handful of great shots, they will need content around it.

Photojournalism is a new thing. With the likes of Instagram and Facebook at our fingertips, it's mind numbingly easy to scroll through image after image after image.

These sporting images need to come from somewhere, and they are rarely posted without any backstory surrounding it.

This is the point a photojournalist may step in, by going into great detail about a sports game or event, because that person was there in the moment; not only taking the pictures of sporting events, but hearing the crowds, smelling the beer, and feeling the excitement and energy erupt when a point is scored. What?s the best way to share that energy with the world? Use a pool of consistently excellent images like Click A Snap for everything you need.

One example of the power of sports photography is the emotional connections you can make with a football fan, with one simple picture of their favourite player celebrating their first goal of the season, It's a very powerful thing.

You will have that football fans undivided attention and can push them in any direction you like, so it makes sense to find the perfect image for your needs. With the goal of increasing interest, it always starts with a great quality image with a lot of thought being put into it.

All the images you see here have been taken with love and passion. Sitting there ready and waiting for you to extend that passion and dress the images in written or video content.