Still-life Photos

Street photography is a bit of a vague term, and so, there are many street photographers that dislike it. They consider themselves photographers, plain and simple.

Of course, this is a significant element of street photography, however it is only one part. It can cause confusion over the true meaning of what street photography is really all about.

Street photography is candid photography of life and human nature, which can be quite complex considering humans are so crazy! Street photography is a way for us to show our environment, and how photographers relate to them. So many events happen on the street, break ups, make ups, arguments, celebrations, all of which are fuelled by our environments.

Considering these events make very good street photos, you already know that millions of these pictures of street life are being taken and uploaded to the internet. Think of it like daydreaming with a camera, capturing those daydreams forever, and then showing them to the world.

People don't need to be present for an image to be considered a 'street photograph'. The photograph doesn't need to be taken in a city, or in a busy market, or even in a street! It can be taken anywhere and can portray nearly anything, as long as it shows the outdoors.

The street is the most public and accessible of places. Therefore, street photography is the most public and accessible form of photography. Anyone can do it! You do not need an expensive camera. You do not need a big studio, professional lighting, or beautiful models. We all have the same content out there, and it?s up to us to figure out how to capture that to then bring home and share.

These pictures of the streets will attract an unmeasurable audience simply down to the fact that street photography covers so many areas of our lives. Most of the time, we try to spend our time outdoors, so companies usually use the outdoors in advertising. Perhaps you need a street photography image for your job? Are you a freelancer, looking for pictures of the street for a project?

Perhaps you are looking for pics of street art or landscape images? Or you?re using the street photo to accompany an article?

There are so many uses for all of these amazing urban pictures; for example, graphic designers that create an impression of what a finished shopping centre would look like will incorporate images of people walking on the street in their finished artwork. These pictures of people have to come from somewhere, and we compile them all into one place, so you can find the exact picture you're looking for.