Travel Photos

Travel photography is a great way to encounter perfect settings and backdrops for amazing photos featuring people doing their thing. Exciting and exotic locations, like the beaches in Thailand or the inner city super clubs of Germany, are perfect places to capture a perfect picture!

Careful planning is the key and before going anywhere, and one must research the place being visited to ensure the best use of valuable time; like seeing what the climate will be in a specific location at different times of the year and noting when various festivals will be held. When the research is done, the hard work really begins as festivals are fast-moving events where a photographer has to work quickly to catch the right light at the right time.

This genre of photography can overlap with others, considering that street photography is usually made up of people in places. Travel photography is the same, with its people and places, as with the entertainment industry. However in the case of the photography of people and places, the focus is usually always on either the person in the shot, or the background that is the place.

It's important for the viewer to feel connected to the picture and this can be done all with the eyes. A tight frame and a clean, sharp focus on the eyes will help the photographer make the subject the centre of attention.

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