Urban-photography Photos

The genre of city and urban photography is so broad that it is tricky to narrow it all down into a single definition. Majestic buildings, cutting-edge sky-high architecture, people filling a metropolis, the street art or skateboarders in the streets all contribute to the inner-city environment that is a perfect set for urban photography.

There's always a lot going on in urban locations. Cities that never sleep have traffic jams at 3am and restaurants are open 24 hours. This crazy combination of darkness and artificial light in neon colours create opportunities for incredible photos to be taken.

Urban photography is not only a visual representation of an idea, it is also a commentary on contemporary life. This is an important factor because more than 50% of the world?s population now lives in cities.

Before you consider urban photography, you may need to differentiate it from street photography, which usually focuses on people as subject matter, whereas urban photography aims to emphasize the surroundings, whether the shot includes people or not. By opening up the window so to speak, the images are able to show a wider perspective and become more of a statement on a specific time and place.

Art has welcomed urban photography, with the likes of Banksy invisibly walking around urban areas - turning brick walls into million-dollar canvasses. This creates opportunities for artists and content creators that can produce museum quality photo prints of urban settings for use in the home, office or retail store.

Pictures for urban music are always in demand. Even though music videos are usually used for means of promotion and everything is digital nowadays, those artists and performers still need urban photography images to use for album covers online and social media. Pictures of tower blocks and subways are popular in the urban music scene, as well as pictures of skyscrapers.

Urban pictures don?t have to be taken outside. Nightclubs, recording studios and inner-city restaurants are all places within the urban parameters and showcase perfect settings for urban photography. These nightclub and studio images can be used for promotional literature for the music industry, being used by aspiring music producers, studio owners and performers. The demand for urban pictures taken in true settings are always high, because people want to use the real essence of the shot, not manipulated or filtered.

From the wealth of Times Square in New York City to the poverty in the slums of Mumbai, urban photography is what you make of it, so you can turn these images into stories; extending the power of the picture by describing your take of what's been captured can make for a great reading experience. You could be a freelancer looking for pictures of cities to accommodate your content, or you need a photo of street art to give some colour to a design you're working on. We have a massive selection of urban photography for you to apply to your project.