Wildlife Photos

Like the fabled tales recounted by seasoned fishermen, photographers also have stories about the "one that got away." Peering deep into the horizon they sigh while uttering, "if only I had my camera ready, it would've been a real prize winner." It's this elusive pursuit of beauty that makes wildlife photography both challenging and rewarding.

Unlike the controlled environments common in zoos and farms, wildlife is fleeting and unpredictable. Since most opportunities last just a few short seconds, there is little room for error when the subject appears. While patience, persistence, and a touch of luck certainly are helpful, they're not sufficient to achieve consistent results.

Wildlife photography is about so much more than technical details like aperture and shutter speed. It also goes well beyond the technology in today's latest and greatest cameras. In order to capture wildlife pictures that show its true beauty, it's essential to understand its behaviour.

Wildlife waits for no one so you must be ready to shoot in an instant. As soon as you arrive at a location, take the cameras out of your backpack, turn them on, and remove the lens caps. This way, you are prepared for anything that may cross your path.

Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson wrote "There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment". This same idea can certainly be applied to wildlife photography. When you locate a subject you are interested in, it's tempting to immediately shoot a handful of pictures and move on. I recommend slowing down and watching through the lens while studying the animal's behaviour.

Creating a beautiful image of an elusive creature is an exciting challenge for all nature photographers. As fleeting as these moments are, you can relive the experiences through photos you are proud to call your own. Equipped with these proven tips and techniques, you are sure to take your wildlife images to the next level and raise the standards of your work.

Rather than settling for a static shot of a bird standing motionless, wait for a dynamic moment to start shooting. This creates amazing wildlife photos that can be used to attract viewers and sell ideas.
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