How Does It Work?

1) Upload Your Photos

Using our easy to use upload system, you can add all of your images to our platform in one go.

2) Users View Your Photos

Your photos are then displayed to users that visit Clickasnap. Each time someone views your photo, you make money.

3) You Get Paid

Once your payment reaches $25, you can request to get paid. Payments are made through Paypal for your safety and security.

A Unique Way To Make Money From Your Photos

Clickasnap is a unique way for photographers to do what they love and make money at the same time.
Used by over 1,000,000 users, you no longer have to rely soley on sales alone, you can now have a passive revenue source from people viewing your photos.

Please watch the video for more information on how the platform works.

How Much Do I Make?

Payment rates are currently 0.14 cents per view. We are very proud of our high rates in comparison to other popular websites.

For instance Youtube is $0.000640 per view (average) and Spotify is $0.0001 per play (average).

As long as your balance is over $25, you can request to be paid.

What About Image Rights?

We claim absolutely no rights to the images that you upload, unlike most other popular websites.
Anything that you upload to our website remains completely yours.
We also allow you to upload watermarked photos if you choose.

Sell Physical Photos

We also offer seller accounts that allow you to sell your photos as digital downloads. You can also give downloads away free, as well as sell physically printed products.
These can be priced at any price that the uploader wishes to sell at. The printed products are supplied by OVI imaging which is one of the highest quality print laboratories in Europe.

Trusted By 10,000 Users

Our loyal user base know how well the platform works to assist their careers as a photographers.

Get Paid Quickly

Once you request payment, it's guaranteed to be made within 24 hours.

Free To Use

Clickasnap is free to use but is limited to 7 uploads per day, to maintain the high quality of work that is uploaded to our platform.

High $ Payouts

We payout 0.14 cents each time one of your photos are viewed on Clickasnap. You will also be to share links to your photos.

Dedicated Support

Our friendly customer support team are here to answer any questions that you may have when using Clickasnap.

Pro Accounts Available

We offer Pro and Seller accounts which place no restrictions on uploads and provides you with your own store.

Start Making An Income From Your Photography Today

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